• reseable pouch of Anima Mundi's 'Womb" herbal tea blend.


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An exquisite and nourishing tea that may nourish, tone and rejuvenate the womb. Composed of classic herbs that are said to be a wellspring for hormonal regulation and support uterine health.* This is a wonderfully mineralizing tea for the uterus in any stage of life.

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Ingredients: Raspberry Leaf*, Nettle*, Red Clover*, Moringa Leaf*, Marshmallow Root*, Lemon Balm*, Vitex* *Organic

Suggested use: Use 1 tbsp of loose leaf tea per cup of hot water. Steep for 5-7 minutes and enjoy. Overnight steeping is also a lovely way to withdraw constituents. In a large jar steep 1 tbsp per cup of hot water and allow to steep overnight. Sip in the morning at room temperature. 

2oz dried herbal blend

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